Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the process work if I want to place an order?

A. It’s easy! Click on the Order Now button and let us know what you are looking for.  After you submit the form, we’ll send you a precise quote explaining how much it will cost, plus a link to an invoice.  When you click on the link and pay the invoice, we are off and running!  If you want us to edit your raw footage and photos, you’ll mail them to our Atlanta studios for production.  If you want us to film an upcoming event, we’ll contact you to schedule our attendance.

Q. Can I order a gift certificate for someone?

A. Absolutely!  Let us know in the Order Form, and we can mail the certificate to whomever you like!  Our certificates make great gifts for coaches, grandchildren, or anyone else in your network!

Q. What kind of formats will you use to send me my videos?

A. We mail your videos on DVDs.  If you would like the digital file so you can post it online, let us know and we will send it to you on a CD.

Q. How far will you drive to record an event?

A. We apply additional charges to record events significantly outside the Greater Atlanta area.   Give us a call and let’s work it out…hopefully we can meet your needs at a price you will like!

Q. What kinds of formats will you accept for photos and raw video footage? Can I send you printed photos?

A. We prefer raw footage saved to DVDs, CDs,  DV tape, or memory sticks like SDHC  for best quality. We can accept VCR tapes, but aren’t sure you will be happy with the quality of the end product. There is no question that high definition input produces the best results!

Q. Will the videos fit my wide-screen format? What if I have a standard width television?

A. If we film your events, our cameras will record in wide-screen 16×9 ratio that will fill your wide-screen television perfectly! If you have an old-school standard width television, the picture may appear cropped on the vertical edges, or have black appearing on the top and bottom of the screen.  If you are sending us your own raw footage that was filmed in 4:3 format ratio, black stripes may appear on the outer edges of your screen.

Q. Can I pick my favorite music to be the soundtrack in the video?

A. Yes your videos can be synchronized to your favorite tunes from the radio, but you would have to provide the music for us and represent in our agreement that all licensing issues have been taken care of.  If you want us to provide music (most customers do), we’ll use professionally recorded royalty-free music that mirrors the feel and style of popular tunes, and avoids lyrics that distract from the viewing.  Our music collection has drawn accolades from our customers, and we do a great job finding the right music to compliment the style and emotions of your favorite athletes!  We also use appropriate background-style music for college recruiting videos.

Q. What if I want you to use my still photos AND my raw video footage to create a video production?

A. No problem! Give us a call and we’ll provide a quote that meets your needs.

Q. What sports don’t you record?

A. We have a tough time with marathons and other non-circular races (with only a few seconds of video to work with as the runner passes, there is not much left with which to make a video!); outdoor rock climbing (we stay on the ground); and sky diving (although we have been successful shooting hang-gliding and parasailing from the ground).  Ask about our underwater cameras for swim meets!

Q. Who pays if there is a ticket charge to enter an event?

A. The customer is responsible for producing and paying for tickets for all videographers and photographers associated with their production.  Arrangements should be confirmed for tickets being provided to videographers and photographers before the day of the event, if at all possible.

Q. What if no cameras are allowed inside the venue?

A. Then we are unable to record your athlete! If there is any doubt, please confirm the camera policy prior to the event as certain cancellation fees apply.

Q. What if I don’t like your video; can I get my money back?

A. Once the video has been sent to you, it is non-refundable. If you would like to preview the video before we send it, please let us know in advance and we’ll post it online for you to watch on our website.  Given our customer feedback so far, we are very confident you will love what you see!

Q. If I preview your video and want to make some changes, how much will that cost?

A. That depends on the changes! A tweak here or there is possible, but usually making changes disrupts the timing, music calibration, sequencing, and transitions. We charge $75 an hour after the first round of edits from your feedback, and will give you our best estimate on how much time it will take to implement your suggestions.

Q. Where will the videographers be located once they arrive to my event?

A. That depends on the protocol and policies of the venue. Recreational soccer leagues, for example, allow maximum flexibility and coverage by allowing parents to sit just about anywhere.  Swim meets have a wide variety of policies, from the anything-goes flexibility of a neighborhood swim meet to the “Bleachers Only” policy of some select programs. Some football programs will let us go behind the end zones for a different videotaping angle, others will not. Please let us know in advance if you already know what to expect, and any permission you can get from the athletic director in advance will help us produce the best video possible!

Q. Can I split the cost of highlight videos with other parents?

A. Absolutely! We’ll need total payment from one individual, but strongly encourage parents to partner up…we’re happy to focus on a handful of players on the team and build a sports highlight video around just them! The online Order Form Please helps make sure we are clear on which athletes and jersey numbers to focus on in filming and editing, and any help you can provide with pre-game face-to-face introductions is appreciated!

Q. How much does it cost if I want more than one copy?

A. The pricing on this website is for one copy. We are happy to provide additional DVD copies for $15 each.

Q. Can I re-sell your video to others?

A. Our material is copyrighted, and we strictly enforce the rules to this effect. Additional copies are easily available, just call us!

Q. Can I order additional copies after several years?

A. Absolutely!  We archive our footage and are happy to provide you with additional copies!

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