I wanted to let you know that my daughter has verbally committed to play volleyball for Ga Tech starting 2014!!!!  Your video gave us the much needed professional exposure and was a big part of her success.  She had several wonderful offers.  Thanks again for your help with our recruiting process.

 – Lisa D.


“We have shown the video to coaches and have been asked where we got it made because they thought it was very good.  I will pass on your name…thanks!”

– Felicia C.


“I wanted to let you know my daughter will be attending George Washington University in the fall.  She WILL be playing volleyball and she DID receive a scholarship from GW.  That would not have been possible without your services.  As a parent, I am grateful that she will be attending an excellent school and she is extremely happy that she will be playing volleyball for a Division I program.  Thanks again for all of your great work”

– Suzy O.


“The volleyball recruiting video IS AWESOME as I expected.  I will use your services again and definitely recommend you to all my parent-friends for sport video highlights – you are the best”

– Lisa H.


“Thank you! You have provided excellent service for my daughter’s soccer recruiting video and I will recommend you to anyone interested in recruiting videos”

– Peter E.


“I really appreciate your quick response and professionalism, will recommend you to anyone who asks.  Thanks again”

– Anthony C.


“You did a fantastic job.  The additional feature of underwater filming is a big hit.  Great shots of his flip turn!!!!! Thank you!”

– Theresa B.


“Well worth the money!! Wish I had purchased your services in his 9th and 10th grade years for memorabilia.  We will definitely do it again in 2014”

– Andy C.


“You are the BEST! Love it, thanks so much!!!!  I will be spreading your name….”

– Denise S.


“Thank you for all of your exceptional work on my daughter’s video…it exceeded all of my expectations.  The images themselves (from many angles), as well as the care and effort you put into the editing were fantastic.  You have truly created a priceless family keepsake for us for which we are very appreciative.  Thanks again for all of your fine work.  You folks are really talented videographers”

– Chuck S.


“We are very pleased with the college recruiting video produced by American Sports Memories. The staff was professional, prompt to all the games we requested, responsive to our input and produced great results. The video really showcased our daughter’s skills!”

– Angie M.


“The recruiting video looks great!  Send my appreciation to your fine film crew.  They were very professional to work with.  Thanks again!”

– Calvin H.


“We enjoyed the video very much.  We like how you incorporated different views, some of the personal moments and the way it was put together.  It was much more enjoyable to watch than the straight shot view each time.  Thanks again – great job!”


– Judy H.

“OMG!!!! It  was more than fantastic! I loved EVERYTHING about it. Really, really, really love the fact that you guys put a picture of her on the DVD case. I will definitely use you guys again! Thank you very much!”

– Marcia G.


“Wow it was so neat to view his underwater swimming. I want to say Thank You for doing a wonderful job and we really have enjoyed it. Michael actually saw something he does wrong while viewing the video.  Thanks!”

 – Mary M.


“I want to get back with you and thank you for the fabulous video your company produced for our daughter.  She, and all of us, really love it.  A special keepsake we are grateful to have!  Many thanks!”

– Nancy H.


“I have shared the video with our relatives and everyone is very impressed and can’t stop raving about it.  Captions were helpful and those highlights of scoreboard were a nice touch.  It will be a motivation for my swimmer in years to come and a great memory for him and us.”

– Alexey M.


“We shared the video with our family and they were all impressed! Thank you for a wonderful job of capturing our boys swimming fast and having fun!”

– Gina T.


“Truly amazing job both capturing my swimmer’s events as well as putting it together to remind us of the whole event.  I could not have done a better job.  Thank you for making a memorable piece to stay with us forever.  We appreciate it very much.”

– Bhagya S.


“We were thrilled with it!  We are so glad to have it.  Thank you for doing a great job.”

– Karen G.


“The footage was great.  We plan on doing this next year and the year thereafter, thank you and job well done”

– Roy W.


“I love love love the video!!!! Thank you so much.  We will enjoy it for years to come  🙂

– Cindy B.

“We received the video yesterday and are really pleased! I can’t believe how much time it must have taken with all the edits and angles! It is exactly what we were looking for and it will be a great keepsake…we have some family members who will really enjoy seeing it!”

Trish E. 


“Thanks for the videos, you did a great job! We will get in touch for future videos!”

-Kay P.


“Viewed the video this weekend.  It was excellent.  You folks do terrific work.  Thanks again for your efforts on our behalf.”

– Chuck S.

“Wow, we love the recruiting video!  My son was thrilled!”

-Elizabeth F.


“Thank you so much for the swim meet video…it is amazing!! Everyone watched it and loved it!   Thanks again for your amazing talent capturing these special and exciting moments for us.  We will see you again next year!”

– Joanne X.


“The swim meet video was a great hit…you edited it so nicely!  I look forward to having you film my swimmer again…”

– Victoria A.


“We absolutely loved it.  What a priceless memory to have down the road.  Really special.  Great job and it was worth every penny!  Thanks again!!”

– Tamsin E.


“We received the DVDs yesterday.  Thank you for producing such a quality recruiting video for my son.  It was a pleasure to work with you!”

– Joe V.


“We just finished watching the recruiting video.  It is amazing.  My son and I want to tell you thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

– Elizabeth O.


“My son and I LOVED the video! He was so very excited and we have already shared it with some of the family and are planning on showing it to more.  I look forward to the opportunity to order from you guys again.  Thanks again so much!”

– Corianne C.


“The DVD is fantastic and such a great gift for the swimmers.  I am handing them out at the Athletics awards ceremony and we are going  to watch it together at the team party…thanks again!!”  

– Jennifer C.


 “My swimmer said it is ‘awesome’.  He never knew he was being filmed…that’s amazing!”   

– Theresa B.


“My son’s birthday is soon, and I am giving him the highlight DVD then.  I love it and am so glad I did it.  He is going to be so excited, and of course we will have it forever…!”    

– Nancy B.


“We received the highlight video yesterday, and we are very pleased with the results!”  

– Lynne M.


“The recruiting video looks fabulous!!!  You did a great job!  Thanks for such a quick turn around time.  I really appreciate you working with me so quickly.”

– Stephany M.


“A huge thank you to the team at American Sports Memories for putting so much effort into the cheerleading video for the Alpharetta Jr. Raider Cheerleaders! You guys did a fantastic job of capturing the greatest moments of the last home game of the 8th grade year – it will be cherished by all the girls for years to come!  True professionals and a pleasure to work with; I plan to recommend you to all my friends in need of a great videographer!”

– Nancy R.


“I love the video you made for the cheerleaders.  It came out great!  I love the music you added; that you captured their cheers; and that you included the great half time routine.  One of my favorite things is the special message for my daughter at the end of the video.  Thank you for all of your hard work!  Itt really turned out well and we will watch it over and over again.

– Kim R.


“We are very pleased with my daughter’s video.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job and capturing the memories of her first meet!  I will be contacting you again soon for other video footage”

– Sheri S.


“WOW!!! OMG that was great! Can’t wait for my son to see it; I didn’t expect it to look that good. Thanks so much”

– Beverly M.


“Unbelievable!!! We had no idea what to expect and were thrilled with your production. The close-up of the program, announcements, music, and fun camera angles really captured the spirit of the day. Very, very well done!!”

– Steve M.


“We were pleased with the results! The video was well done and I really like the close up shots of my son before and after his swims; that was a nice personal touch!”

–  Steve H.


“I want to thank you for a beautiful job on my son’s Recruiting Video!  You were able to take the basic material that was given to you to create, not just a “Sport Memory”, but an exciting, attention grabbing, high-energy compilation of his best basketball “hits”.  We particularly liked how American Sports Memories used the technology to focus the viewer on your subject, incorporating background music, slow-motion and “instant replay”!  This is truly a piece that we will cherish and use to get some attention from the targeted colleges and universities.”

– Lonnie L.


“Oh my goodness!  We LOVE it!  And we would love to do it every year!  American Sports Memories captured great moments.   Thank you for a treasured memory!”

– Leigh S.


“It has been very difficult over the years to take any “home” video at a swim meet that we were satisfied with. The video taken by American Sports Memories is a high quality, crystal clear video that not only captured our son’s races but also includes pre-race moments. The equipment and professional photographic skill used to produce the video are exceptional.” 

– Kaye B.

“We enjoyed the video very much.  I was impressed by what a wonderful job you did always capturing the right angle which I am sure is not easy.  I would highly recommend your services and would definitely buy another video from you in the future.  I am sooooo glad I decided to buy the video. Thanks!”

– Lisa F.


“We really enjoyed watching the video.  You did a wonderful job.  Thank you for capturing this great memory for us.”

– Andrea S.


“American Sports Memories does a fantastic job of not only putting together photographs and videos of the team but also capturing the essence of the team and spirit. The videos demonstrate the team’s passion and drive to succeed. In addition to still photos the professional video footage allows the team to also study some great plays and learn from some mistakes. American Sports Memories provides a high quality and professional video complemented with great music. I would recommend their services to any sports team!”

– Tara W.

“The videos are fantastic and having these moments on film are so precious! What sets these apart from homemade videos is the terrific angles and action oriented editing as seen through the eyes of both a parent and a coach. American Sports Memories manages to capture the action in a fun and informative way. And, of course, I don’t have to watch my child play through the lens of a camera!”

– Christy T.


“American Sports Memories delivered a creative and professionally crafted video with a personal touch. The attention to technical detail, content organization, and sound and music mix combine for a high quality finished product. It is a memorable keepsake we can share with friends and family for years to come.”

– Mike D.


“I really enjoyed the work American Sports Memories did for our soccer team. The quality…the music…I get fired up every time I watch it! This has been a good tool for me to help my daughter improve, and to provide much deserved praise for her performance. In addition, my daughter loves watching the films…seeing her and her friends on TV is pretty cool!”

– Billy F.


“When I first watched the video, I thought they had read my mind. The movie was exactly what I wanted and greatly exceeded my expectations. The pairing of the music with the video sequences, the crispness of the edits and cuts, and the camera work were truly fantastic. They were a pleasure to work with and I will truly cherish the video for the rest of my life!”

– Shawl L.