Game Footage Videotaping Services for Coaches

Coaches Instructional VideoAmerican Sports Memories offers both unedited game footage and customized instructional videos for you and your team!

Game footage is an outstanding way to quickly analyze your team’s performance and identify opportunities for improvement.  American Sports Memories provides trained videographers with high definition cameras, stable tripods, and DVD burners…all for affordable prices!  We will videotape  the game according to your objectives and preferred shooting angles, and can provide you with a DVD immediately after the game so you can get home and watch your team’s performance!

American Sports Memories can also help you create YOUR own custom training videos featuring YOUR OWN TEAM! Tell us what tactics and strategies you want to illustrate…whether it is a press and cover defense, a pick and roll, the proper way to bunt, or how to clinch a knee bar. We’ll film your practices, games, and tournaments…and then summarize the raw footage into manageable categories of lessons. Tell us how you would like to illustrate the lessons learned, and we’ll insert arrows, diagrams, and special emphasis that highlight specific opportunities for improvement. Your kids WILL pay attention…because THEY are on the big screen!

We know sports, and how to video the best angles and shots that capture the lessons learned. Instead of relying  on a parent to film the game with shaky hands or distracted focus…before spending money on yet another stock instructional video to teach your team the techniques you want…check out our affordable packages to help enhance your coaching analysis – and your  player’s execution!

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