Personal Sports Highlight Video Editing Services


Atlanta Video ProductionAmerican Sports Memories offers a variety of affordable video editing packages that make lasting gifts for the athletes in your family!

Do you already have hours of film and photos sitting in your video camera, unwatched and unappreciated? American Sports Memories will convert your raw footage into beautiful music videos with non-linear editing, dazzling transitions and sequencing, and professional titles.  The final production will be sent back to you on a DVD disc that your favorite family athlete will watch over and over!  It doesn’t matter where you live…simply mail us the photographs or raw video footage on discs, tapes, or memory sticks; we’ll do the editing in our studios and send the final production back to you!

A little backlogged with lots of raw footage sitting unappreciated in your cameras? Let us get to work so you can enjoy the memories!

Sports Highlight Video Editing Prices

Please note: the above pricing guidelines are subject to adjustments based on factors including submitted media formats, shipping and handling, and applicable sales taxes. Final pricing will be confirmed before you order!

Video Editing Services - How to Order

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